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Over the years my supporters and I have collected stories in the media about me and my legal battles that I found interesting, amusing or perhaps important. Sometimes I would clip articles from the newspaper. Other times I would download or make note of links to articles and videos on the Web. Here I share some of these with you.

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Madame de Sade is Canada's most famous Dominatrix. She has operated two facilities which have received national attention. She is an esthete in cross-dressing, bondage, infantalism, fetishes and other role play scenarios. In 1994 a massive and highly publicized raid on her "bondage bungalow" north of Toronto led to a seven year legal battle which brought her to national prominence.

She has become a national mainstream media figure. She has appeared frequently on television and radio. She has been filmed for a documentary.

There are hundreds of articles and reports about her and her legal battle available on the internet. Suggested searches include: “Madame de Sade”, “Terri-Jean Bedford” and “Bondage Bungalow”.

The newspaper excerpts below are a small sample of the kind of publicity that has followed her over the years.


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